Eastern Kentucky

On Wednesday July 27, 2022 the rains started.. and kept coming...   in nine hours, 10-12 inches of rain fell over the mountains, it filled the valleys with rushing water.

Residents literally ran for the hills and higher ground to escape the rising waters.  Some waiting hours or overnight for rescue.

The survivors need your help..  Many have lost everything.  Many face the possibility of months before water is restored.  Then there is the clean-up and piecing back together what's left of their lives.  Cleaning mud out of homes and trying to regain some sense of normalcy.

You can help..  Supplies for these victims are needed.  Regardless of what the media tells you... water, food, and basic hygiene is a necessity for the victims, and it will be on-going.  They will need your help.


Your gift will help to purchase and transport life-saving supplies to these victims and get them into the hands of those who so desperately need them.