Fuel to Keep Drivers Moving

Drivers are the backbone of what we do.. They are the link in the chain that keeps the supplies moving for distribution. And while these “Heros of the Highway” are generous enough to donate their time and equipment use to ship these lifesaving supplies, many cant afford the expense of donating the fuel to operate. That is where we try to help…

Through the generous donations of supporters, we can make sure there is fuel to keep drivers moving and keep the supplies flowing!

The National Average for Diesel Fuel is $5.07 per Gallon. [eia.gov 4/11/2022]

A semi-truck averages 5-10 miles per gallon.

Are you a driver wanting to donate space in their trailer to transport relief supplies? Do you have supplies that need to get to families affected by a disaster? Contact Us to get more information about how you can help a family after a disaster..

We are looking for Sponsors to help us make sure drivers have the fuel to move these supplies that are so desperately needed by families and communities. Are you part of a Company that would like to help? Great! Contact Us here!

Do you want to help make sure there is fuel to keep drivers moving? Find out How to Donate.